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October 24, 2005

Austin Game Conference

I'll be in my old stomping grounds later this week for The Austin Game Conference!

I'm not speaking this year, as a matter of fact, I almost decided not to go because of the new baby. But, we have family coming to fill in, so I'm don't have to eat those plane tickets :).

For those of you in Austin or travelling to austin, drop me a line if you want to get together!

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Nexus - The Jupiter Incident

So, somehow I've found a litle time to play Nexus: The Jupiter Incident which I picked up as an impulse buy at Target a few weeks ago.

Purty, ain't it? Thanks IGN

I'm rather enjoying it despite some very serious flaws, including some frustratingly obvious work-flow design errors (such as the lack of an incremental "undo" in the fleet configuration interface).

When I picked it up, I expected a "Homeworld-esque" space-based RTS, which this is NOT. The scale of the game is smaller, and really, it has a lot more in common with one of my all time favs, Independence War. Very simulation-oriented, very detailed tactical combat. The difference being that I-War is played primarily from the 1st person and is faster paced (to oversimplify things). They're both really HARD. But also very satisfying to the simulation junky. Keep in mind this is coming from someone who played I-War with a ridiculous joystick in "real physics mode."

Finally, and perhaps the coolest thing, the game ships with a full suite of mod tools. If you can figure them out, it's pretty neat. Extremely detailed. I'm currently working on my very own little mission, mostly because you can create your own solar system! God complex, anyone?

Anyway, pretty cool space-based tactics game from a small studio in Hungary.

If you want to read a real review of this game, IGN has one that I largely agree with, other than the comment about crashes. It hasn't crashed once on me.

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