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May 30, 2004

I have new speakers

They are very heavy. They are very pretty. They sound good.

Boy do my R&B tracks sound swell now. I'd say more, but it's embarassing.

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May 27, 2004

I guess I use her nickname a lot...

This is what it sounds like when Araceli (our 2 year old) can't get her mom's attention...

Araceli: "Mama?"
Kim: ...

Araceli: "MAMA?"
Kim: ...

Araceli: "MAMA!!"
Kim: ...

Araceli: Honey?
Kim: *giggling*

Araceli: HONEY?
Kim: *more giggling*

Araceli: HONEY!!
Kim: WHAT?

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Holy CRAP! I have a blog!

I guess I should use it, huh?

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May 10, 2004

In game economies are not REAL economies

I was recently quoted in Wired News in an article focusing on economies in virtual worlds. Obviously, there's been plenty of discussion regarding the topic, which is handy PR, but what we should really focus is the relevant issue: FUN.

I think the interviewer was a little frustrated when I didn't provide him with some real data about UO, but my reason for not doing is that it is extremely difficult to provide enough information about a game's economy for anyone to be able to come to real conclusions about whether it is "working" or not.

For example, in the SWG article, many people were initially upset about the distribution of wealth in one of the charts. Ultimately, Raph or someone else pointed out that a large number of the accounts on the "poor" end of the chart were trial accounts that never converted into full-time play. That's just one example of how difficult it is to present the whole picture. For example, so what if 99% of the wealth is held by 2% of the players? What if you only had to be in the bottom 95% of all players to be able to have fun?

My argument is that it's far more useful to analyze what parts of the game players are enjoying or not enjoying, and then make correlations to what's happening in the economy. Then you can make informed changes. This isn't counter to what Koster was saying at all. I just think the people that like to research in-game economies tend to focus on the wrong end of the equation.

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May 09, 2004

We went to the movies!

For Mother's Day, we took Kim to the movies (a rare treat these days). Kim found a drive-in theater in San Jose, so we drove out and saw Van Helsing (sp?).

The good:

A) Campy monster fun
B) Corsets
C) Pretty good CG (from what I could see)

The bad:

A) Almost too campy
B) Probably the worst movie selection for an outdoor theater because the film is sooo dark.
C) Araceli kept sneaking sips of my cherry coke. She's never going to sleep.

In other news, I've recovered easily from the teeth extractions. No bone spurs or dry sockets, thank goodness. And I've made a few selections for the home theater thingy...

I purchased the Samsung DVD-HD931 because it has DVI out. After watching "Finding Nemo" for the millionth time with Araceli, I was able to see obvious improvements from the previous DVD player. Most noticable, in the opening seen with Nemo's mom and dad, the old player always had "halos" around the fish when the dark blue sea of the drop off was in the background. No halos with the new player.

I also ordered a pair of speakers for the front left and right. For a reciever, I'm seriously considering the Panasonic XR-45. I've never had a digital reciever, but I only hear good things.

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May 03, 2004

Oh yeah...interesting week

While I'm updating my blog in the middle of the night...

I had my first wisdom tooth removed. I knew something was wrong a couple of months ago, but with the move and all, I waited until I got to CA to see the dentist about it. The wisdom tooth had come in sideways and taken out a molar. Ow. The Dentist had to take them both out. But it was pretty easy, I got to watch The Matrix while they yanked away. I went back to work afterwards, and even though I filled the heavy drug perscription, I've only needed some Tylenol. Why are people so scared of the dentist! I got to see a movie during the middle of work hours!

And we've started moving into our new home. We found a house to lease not 5 minutes from work in Redwood Shores (really Redwood City). We're mostly moved in, and hopefully tomorrow will be the last major push...did I mention I hate moving? Especially with a pregnant wife and -2 teeth?

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Any audiophiles out there?

I finally went and actually bought something really new and really nice with my hard earned money. Usually, I dream about buying really nice things, but find a way to avoid it until the urge passes. I always buy used cars, for example. Or the $80 video card. Or the Dell computer...

Well anyway, I bought a TV. Yes, a nice one. It's even new, although I did shop some used ones...I have some remorse about it at the moment, it just seems like an awful lot of money to spend on something not...meaningful. But damnit, I figure after all the stress of moving the whole team and family to Cali, I deserve a little excess. So there it is.

Unlike my current "big screen," it's not a 32" generic tube from wal-mart. And unlike my 32" tube from wallyworld, I don't think my "home theater system" from wal-mart will do it justice.

So I need to upgrade my sound system, from the reciever to the speakers. I'll start with the reciever...I'm thinking Yamaha. Any inputs (tee-hee)?

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