January 01, 2009

SunSword.com Deprecated.

I have a new blog/website: anthonycastoro.com

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December 22, 2008

Heatwave Central Studio Fully Staffed

You can read the press release HERE. In addition to those we've identified in previous press releases, we have a bunch of folks that have been with us a while longer including:

Along with Donn and Myself this group rounds out the "original" (pre-funding)Heatwave crew:
Kevin Saffel, CTO
Ed Groover, Senior Software Engineer
Tim Schubert, Senior Software Engineer
Kimberly Castoro, Office Manager
DeAnna Clendenon, Book Keeper

The following folks were brought on just before or since our series "A" round:
Sean Dugan, Creative Director
Todd Bailey, Senior Studio Designer
Jereamie Brady, Associate Designer

Jeremy Coker, Director of Business Development

Jeremy Dombroski, Artist (and future Dr!)
And our Newest Hire, Nick Carter, Senior Technical Animator

Combined with all the other folks we've announced, I really am pleased that we've been able to assemble such a senior and well-rounded studio. Really, only a 3-4 people left. Check Heatwave's job page if you're interested!

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November 04, 2008

3 Awesome things about Heatwave.

Awesome #1. We now have a great new domain: http://www.heatwave.com. It just redirects to the old heatwaveinteractive.com, but that'll get fixed shortly.

Awesome #2. By next week we will have reached 26 full-time employees!

While we've had a lot of success finding great local talent, we've also imported quite a few people. This is how it breaks down:

Arizona: 2
Austin: 14
California: 3
England: 2 (counting me, since I came back Austin after HI was incorporated :))
Florida: 1
Philadelphia: 2 (counting Donn)
Scotland: 1
Washington: 2

I wouldn't be surprised if we find 1 or 2 other out-of-towners in this process. So far, I think the mix is just as good for Austin as it is for Heatwave.

Awesome #3. Next week, we'll be moved into our new office space.Looking forward to showing and telling more about that, but for now, just check out this executive VAULT office:

Tell me that isn't awesome. As a matter of fact, it's so awesome, I bet if you're a game designer or an artist, you're just DYING to work at Heatwave now aren't you? That's okay, I know you can't resist...just CLICK HERE.

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October 28, 2008

Heatwave AGDC party video posted

We had a great time throwing it. We hope you had a great time attending it!

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October 22, 2008

Worst Kept Secret in MMO Gaming Finally Released

Gee...someone else is making a Star Wars MMO?

Good name.

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